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Fashion is a universal language that cuts across every aspect of the entertainment world and its directly affects our daily lives. As a brand influencer and face of a men fashion brand, there is nothing that is more impactful than bringing stylish people together for a cause. I have organized fashion and trunk shows both in Europe and here in the United States. My trip to Cameroon gave birth to a new concept called dapper style brunch. It’s an exclusively stylish social event that brings together influential personnels in the Cameroon entertainment industry like musicians, models, actors, comedians, influencers and influential people from different works of life. The goal of this event is to network, discuss branding strategies, support, promote 237 showbiz industry and put a positive image of Cameroon out there. The event was introduced in October 2020 in Douala Cameroon and It had in attendance some of the biggest names in Central Africa when it comes to Music like Daphne Njie, Mr leo and others. We also had representative of universal music record for west and Central Africa in the building. The event itself was a blast and breath of fresh that got everyone talking and waiting to be part of it next year. Yes there will be a dapper style brunch 2.0 next year and it will be bigger and better but still very exclusive and by invitation only. This event will be televise next year on STV network. Starting putting together your dapper outfit for this event as they will be some private VIP tickets on sales. Can you afford to hangout and have brunch with the who is who in Cameroon next year ?

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