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There is a feeling of joy, happiness and internal satisfaction when you give back to a community or assist someone in need. I am speaking for myself because I have been doing this through UNICEF and I will say blesseth is the hand that giveth. The ability to assist someone in need or who is less privileged than you in any way possible is a blessing. For me, this comes from a place of love and introspection- Introspection that is not used for discernment and gaining wisdom can lead to all sorts of self-obsessive qualities. It is only through recognizing my privilege compared to others that I realized the joy it brings me to make a small impact, to be a small part of something greater. Spreading the love of God to our neighbors, to the world. This has always been a passion of mine. As a youth, this passion pushed to work with children, some who were orphans and other with physical disabilities. These opportunities from my youthful days in the light of the #Anglophonecrisis got me thinking of the internally displaced less privileged kids back home in Cameroon and other parts of Africa, most of whom by the very virtue of being born into an unstable government, hostile environment are now orphaned, some disable and lacking some basic necessities myself and other more privileged children are getting. Every child needs love which is fundamental for a healthy growth but some of these children are either abandoned by their parents because of their disabilities or are victims of hardship and misfortune. My desire for these children is to make them feel loved by providing them with some of those basic necessities as well as empowering them through education.

Due to this burden on my heart, I decided to create the #BFGivesback initiative, in efforts to raise funds to support these internally displaced and the less-privileged children in the motherland. The initiative was launched this year #bfgivesback2020 and with the help of family and friends locally, virtually via and globally, we raised $2,370 on GoFundMe. While in Douala Cameroon, I visited an orphanage and a high school where we empowered 50 students with school supplies thanks to the #bfgivesback2020. It was heartwarming to see smiles on the faces of my newly made friends in the orphanage and high school. Lucky Dube said it best in his classic ” Blessed is the heart that giveth.” I left the trip feeling with my heart full and blessed. That being said, I am excited for #bfgivesback2021 thanks to the amazing support I got from my kind hearted fans turned family.

Please join the initiative by clicking on the link below to donate for #bfgivesback2021 .


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