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In today’s world, don’t be fooled into thinking you are judged by your character because it’s not written on your face. You are judged by your appearance (look) so looking good is good for business, self-esteem and your brand. Yes I said you (John Quinn, Bessem Etta, Olu Tunde and Neba James etc) are a brand. You might not believe this but looks do matter, It opens doors for you before questions are later asked. If you doubt ask the sexy couple who attended a White-house party without an invitation.

Here are 5 simple tips to improve your look and stay looking stylish

1- self-confidence
Are you shocked? This is the most important look fixer and you should wear this at all time. It should ooze out of your outfits because that’s how clothes comes to life, by us wearing them with confidence.

2- Fitted clothes
Socrates the great philosopher said “Know Thyself”. In this context, know your body, shape and size to determine your fitting in an outfit. To stay looking elegant, you need to make sure your clothes fit you well not over or undersized

3– Details
Paying attention to details is of utmost importance when you want to convey the sophisticated look. Keep an eye out for things like the detailing on your suit e.g fabrics, cut, lapel pattern, buttons and design.

4- Accessories
To stay looking fashionable, you need to complement your outfit with some accessories. Whether it be fashionable eyeglasses, bracelets, watch, pocket square, ties etc, it is key to ensure that these also match perfectly with the ensemble.

5- Color Matching
This is the most difficult part for most people and that’s the true reason why celebrities have stylists. Matching your outfit with the right color shoes, shirt, pants etc is a very important aspect in staying stylish.

Don’t forget your look is your bank. Dress like you’re already famous and own it because you will be addressed based on your look.

What does your look say about you ?

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