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Color-blocking is a stylish way of dressing up by matching different solid colors of clothes like pants, shirts and jacket which started back in the 1960’s known as mod fashion. Mod is a subculture that began in London in 1958, color played a big role in defining the look. The muted and pastel palette of 1950’s fashion gave way to bright, bold color offer splayed in geometric patterns. During this time in Africa, color-blocking was seen as the lack of financial means to purchase the complete attire and hence the mixed-match of colors. Today, some still believe color-blocking should be a woman thing since it involves matching bright colors . I am here to tell you it’s for all people with a great sense of fashion, style and character. Here are some tips on how to color-block right without looking like a melted Vanilla&Chocolate ice cream mixed together.

First rule of color-blocking is to go loud with the colors or go home. Don’t play safe with dull toned colors make it bright and bold.

Secondly, please make sure your colors clash like a trailer against a mini coupe car. We know grey&brown or black&white matches so stop going for proverbial colors.

Lastly, keep it simple as you toss a few colors together, you want to color-block not look like a rainbow . Two colors is playing too safe and three is good but if you are a pro like me do four. Question of the day, is color-blocking a woman thing ?

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