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Bienvenue Madames et monsieur, 
Let’s talk… This has been on my mind…
The Agbada! Otherwise known as “The shut things Down”
This attire has changed the name of the game of fashion for the African man.
There was a time when it was considered an attire that told people how deep your pockets were. Gone are those days. The Agbada is a statement piece that every man should own in his closet. At least 2 or 3 pieces for shutting things down purposes hahaha. 

This new wave took the internet by surprise, championed by the Nigerian king of comedy himself AY during the premiere of the movie Yoruba Demons…
Then Came Ebuka aka Mr Imma steal your spotlight… I honestly don’t know who won the agbada challenge but my people from Cameroon Stanley Enow, Tzy panchako, Locko are all giving these men the run for their money if i do say so myself. i mean take a look at these guys in their Agbada. Anyways I digress.

You see, An Agbada can be worn several ways…
Some people wear it alone with trousers while some wear it as a type of suit over their shirts. Well either way you choose to go. If you’re ready to make a statement at your event in your very own Agbada, here are 5 things you should keep in mind…


  1. Material
    • It is Vital that you select and choose a material/fabric that matches and complements your skin color. Invest the time to pick a fabric that will make you shine, one that is unique and can be transformed into whatever creative style you have in mind. Don’t be cheap… But don’t break the bank either. Be patient, Feel the material, ask questions… This is an investment.
    • The thickness of the material is important to pay attention to. The thicker the material, the better your Agbada will look. Again, don’t be Cheap but don’t break the bank either. Do your research and be patient… Your looks are an investment. A statement piece;
  2. Head Gear and Accessories
    • Because an Agbada is basically INCOMPLETE without head gear or accessories, this is a great addition to your ensemble. The Cap color should not conflict with that of your Agbada…this is not a wrestling match neither is the goal color blocking.
    • Your Accessories, whatever they may be, Glasses, rings, cufflinks, wristwatch, necklace should not conflict with your outfit and should also not be overbearing. Take time to pick accessories that will ensure you look outstanding.
  3. Ironing aka Starch.
    • In essence an Agbada that is not well ironed or starched is not complete. It’s like eating mashed potatoes without the gravy.
    • An Agbada that is not properly ironed or starched looks like a massive robe that a dog chewed and vomited… That’s not appealing. You and your Agbada are one and should not be fighting each other. So take time to iron/starch it properly so it agrees with your skin and lays on nice like Vaseline.
  4. Trouser Length
    • Sokoto is the name of Agbada trousers and the length of the trouser should be appropriate. Many people have their preference when it comes to trouser length… regular, fitted… whichever your choice, make sure the length of your trousers doesn’t cover your shoes. It’s not meant to be short shorts either so ensure that people can see the entire length, before they start wondering whether you ran out of fabric
    • protection and storage of your Agbada is key. After oppressing everybody and their fathers with your killer outfit you want to make sure you store your agbada safely. Have your Agbadas cleaned professionally either by a dry cleaner or personally if you know how to… this is a delicate piece of art so be careful, do not man handle it. Careful cleaning and storage ensures that it is far from dirt, cockroaches, mold and mildew awaiting the next time when it will be called upon for another adventure.


At the end of the day, you should look at yourself in the mirror and be impressed.

Go ahead and tell me what you think… And Join the #Agbadachallenge wave… Tag me in your photos. I will be expecting those tags, more than I’m expecting the U.S. government to uplift this government shutdown.


Not everyday suits, some days Agbada

Until next time….

Stay Classy Stay Fresh


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