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Did you know that the concept of “breakfast food” didn’t exist in the U.S until the mid to late 1800s? According to food historian Abigail Carroll “people ate breakfast but it looked a lot like dinner” she said. This explains why growing up in Africa my breakfast used to be my leftover Fufu & Eru or Rice & beans, all which I had eaten the previous night. That was breakfast and it tasted even better the next morning (i don’t know why but it seems like the ingredients just get better overnight hahah).

Well  In today’s world, many fast food restaurants are branding breakfast as the most important meal of the day but is it.?  So is an orange saved for lunch over breakfast no longer important? I personally think eating breakfast should be based on your active lifestyle in the morning. I do love breakfast especially when I have the time to prepare it myself… time to get a good balanced carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, healthy fats source… but when I can’t, I know I am covered by lunch and Dinner because they are equally important. Breakfast being the most important meal of the day is just a myth not a fact because; it’s less about one meal than it is about what you eat over the course of the day.

Some people don’t eat breakfast because it makes them tired, heavy and lazy in the morning while others tend to thrive well on a good breakfast.

Come to think of it, what defines “breakfast” anyways? Say i wake up at 5am and eat a meal that’s my breakfast… but say i worked the night shift for example and i wake up at 1 or 2 pm is that then my breakfast? Some places offer breakfast up till 10 am, while others offer and all day breakfast serving. Then there’s Brunch…story for another day

With that being said i personally think breakfast is a lifestyle.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?


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