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Home of the President.


Welcome to Washington DC, the Capital of the United States of America and home of the free. Yes literally home of the free as it became a hub for freed Slaves following the emancipation proclamation of January 1, 1863. Today, the lifestyle of the District is very vibrant and its one of the most culturally diverse city in America. So, if you are a tourist inviting DC for the Museums, Whitehouse and Monument but do not speak English don’t worry. More than 15% of its residents speak a language other than English and the city host more than 170 embassies and international centers so you will find someone that speaks your language . Washingtonians love their wine and that’s why we drink more wine per capita than any state in the U.S.A so have a glass . With so many museums to visit, grab a capitalbikeshare bicycle to help you navigate the city faster and if you can’t ride, we will teach you because it’s the new lifestyle here. You have heard of the saying “all roads leads to Rome” ? it’s literally true for the district, all roads in the city leads to the capitol building. It’s the driving center of all the quadrants of the city. Most streets are named with alphabets but there is no ”J Street” because at the time of the city planning there was no letter J . Today, Washingtonians are have a high sense of fashion, enjoy a variety of cuisines and maintain a healthy lifestyle thanks to the diverse population. What do you like about Washington DC or why would you want to visit ?


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